Dental Implants: Get Your Missing Tooth Replaced

Dental Implants: Get Your Missing Tooth Replaced

September 1, 2021

There was a time when dentures or bridges were the only options available to have missing teeth replaced. If we talk about missing teeth, there could be many reasons for a loss, like severe infections, decays, injuries, and more.

But as dentistry is developing day by day, there are prominent solutions available for replacing missing teeth. The treatment is popularly known as implants.

What Are Implants?

Implants are a highly popular treatment when it comes to the replacement of missing teeth. They are false teeth that are permanently placed in the vacant space created by the missing tooth.

They provide a strong foundation so that the tooth could be there for life long. The treatment has plenty of advantages. We are listing some of them here:

  1. Retains Lost Facial Charm

Missing a tooth always makes skin saggy and lowers one’s confidence in taking part in social events, especially if it happens with anyone at a young age.

Once replacement of a missing tooth has been done by an implant inside your mouth, it will be permanent and strong. It involves metal, so it is considered highly durable. You can contact us to have dental implants in Lapeer, MI, at any time.

There would be minimal fear of infection and breakage. Implants are always natural-looking and are very good at their functioning.

  1. Improved Speech and Comfortable Eating

Once someone loses their permanent teeth, it impacts their looks and has a huge effect on speaking and eating. Vacant space inside your mouth may lead to the accumulation of food.

With time, this accumulation may lead to bacteria and infections. It may impact other teeth also. Lost teeth can cause bone loss. Also, implants are always fused with bones and result in saving them from deterioration.

Missing teeth results in impaired speech, and its bad effects on chewing don’t need any explanation. Implants retain speaking as well as eating capabilities with long-time durability.

  1. Robust Oral Health

Once any decay and injury happen to any tooth, it does not trouble only one tooth but the overall set of teeth. Implants, once placed, are easy to manage and maintain. After their placement, one does not need to make extra efforts to keep up their oral health.

Implants can be managed or maintained through a normal routine that one used to follow daily. The beauty of this treatment is that implants are less prone to cavities and attacks of bacteria.

They are highly convenient for use, and there is no frustration removing them from the mouth because they are permanently fixed. The implants can be there with you for a lifetime if you care for them properly when it comes to durability.

So, what are you waiting for to go for the treatment and fill up the vacant space permanently with implants? There are many tooth replacement options available, and you can pick the one based on your need.

  1. Success Rate

Every treatment has some benefits and side effects. But when it comes to implants, there are minimal or no side effects. If we talk about their success rate, they are approximately 98% successful and are highly secured. So, in case you want to have the treatment, consult your dentist near you as soon as possible.

Are Implants Painful?

Implants involve a minor surgery for the placement of false teeth inside the mouth. Experienced people shared their experiences which says the treatment involves minor discomfort.

And one gets fully recovered within 2 weeks of the treatment. There is no pain during the surgery because of the involvement of anesthesia. There is minimal pain and discomfort associated. Just start searching for an implant dentist near you.

How to Maintain Implants After Surgery?

Implants require the same care as is needed by the natural teeth. Although there is no side-effect associated with surgery, you still need to check by the dentists regularly, especially on the starting days of completion of treatment.

Apart from this, patients are required to maintain oral hygiene after getting implants. Follow the brushing and flossing routine and be mindful of the instructions given by the dentist. Eat the right kind of food and support the implant to get set inside your mouth.

Our patients say we provide the best dental implants. Contact us to know more about us.

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