Complications Arising Out Of Unprofessional Root Canals

Complications Arising Out Of Unprofessional Root Canals

April 1, 2022

Although you may believe your dentist’s proposal to have root canal therapy as a permanent solution to cure the infection in the dental pulp, the treatment is not always a permanent solution. Root canal treatments are highly successful, allowing many patients to preserve their natural teeth after restoration with a dental crown. Unfortunately, some complications might cause root canal treatments to fail.

This article focuses on the reasons for root canal failure to make you realize why an experienced and knowledgeable dentist office near you best performs an infected tooth canal treatment instead of any general dentist offering the treatment.

The Familiar Side Effects of Root Canals If Not Performed Professionally

The most familiar issue you may experience after an unprofessional Root canal is severe inflammation in the tooth due to conditions, bacterial colonies in the dental pulp, and situations where the tooth or gums around it are severely inflamed or damaged.

The above occurrences can make the affected tooth area extremely painful and often require additional steps to calm the inflammation, eliminate any infection, and ease the pain to ensure another root canal can be performed. Not performing the above steps or rushing through them can cause bacteria and infection to remain trapped within the tooth.

Your Nerves and Root Canals

When performing root canals, the nerves are cleaned and sealed off to prevent bacteria from re-entering the canals. However, infections could re-occur, causing root canal failure if the canals weren’t sealed entirely.

Some reasons that might prevent sealing off the nerve tissue or cleaning include narrow nerve canals that are challenging to reach for the cleaning, nerve canals located in challenging to reach areas, diagonal or curved canals making it difficult to navigate through them for cleaning, calcified canals indicating the nerve tissue inside has hardened to prevent tools from penetrating it, and failure on the part of the dentist to detect and treat all the nerves of the tooth.

The tooth needing the root canal also plays a significant role in the success or failure of the treatment. Root canals on an anterior tooth containing merely one canal are easier to treat and succeed in most cases. However, molars having multiple canals are often challenging to treat, and the chances of a nerve or canal remaining uncleaned due to the challenges confronted remain high.

Infections in your root canal-treated tooth can re-occur if you neglect proper dental hygiene and regular cleanings and checkups from your dentist. You ignore tooth decay or other dental issues that might cause the infection to appear again.

Why Do You Need an Expert like Lapeer City Dental for Root Canal Treatment?

When you are determined to have root canal treatment in Lapeer, you deal with an expert with extensive knowledge about endodontic treatment and not any general dentist. This professional evaluate your tooth thoroughly, taking x-rays and CT scans of the affected tooth to determine how many canals are located inside the tooth.

Suppose you need endodontic treatment on a front tooth. You can consider yourself fortunate because the expert completes the treatment in a single appointment and allows you to return home with specific after-care instructions to ensure you don’t confront any complications.

Unfortunately, if you need therapy on a molar, you must prepare yourself to visit the expert at least two times to enable them to locate and clean all the nerves and canals in the molar.

We mentioned earlier that some nerves and canals calcify and harden, making it challenging for traditional dental instruments to penetrate them for proper cleaning. The expert, a knowledgeable endodontist, has invested in appropriate infrastructure and has flexible tools that help clean the hardened nerves and canals thoroughly. The experts also have modern technology to view through the nerves and root canals, ensuring they don’t miss any and entirely eradicate the infection from your tooth.

The description we provide can make you think root canals are a painful procedure that is better avoided than had. Unfortunately, if you avoid this treatment that helps preserve your natural tooth, you may soon need dental implants because the tooth will require extraction and replacement with an artificial solution. However, suppose you visit the expert in our dentist’s office near you. In that case, they help you preserve your natural tooth by cleaning out any infections remaining in the canals and putting an end to the complications arising out of unprofessional endodontic treatment in one or a couple of visits to their office.

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