How Long Does Numbness Last After Filling?

How Long Does Numbness Last After Filling?

March 1, 2023

Getting dental fillings is sometimes necessary, particularly if our dentist in Lapeer, MI, recommends it after noticing a cavity or tooth decay. You will probably be advised to get a filling if the dentist notices that you have a cavity or need to restore or repair a cracked, broken, or worn-out tooth.

You should not panic when you get this diagnosis because as frightening as this dental procedure may sound, it actually is not. The procedure is performed under anesthesia to ensure that you will have a comfortable and pain-free experience.

This means that you will not feel any pain or discomfort as the dentist works on the affected tooth. This should give you some peace of mind as you prepare to undergo this dental procedure that will save your smile and oral health.

Let’s take a look at what you can anticipate during your procedure.

How It’s Done

The procedure, as mentioned earlier, is performed under a local anesthetic. However, in some special cases, such as with children or individuals suffering from dental anxiety, other forms of sedation, such as general anesthesia, may be required to keep patients calm and relaxed during the procedure.

Generally, your procedure for getting tooth fillings near you will involve the following steps:

  • The dentist will first apply a numbing gel on your gums and wait for it to take effect before injecting your gum with a local anesthetic. This anesthetic should induce a numbing effect that will make your dental procedure pain free
  • The dentist will then proceed to remove the decayed portion of the affected tooth using specialized tools and drills
  • The hole created after the removal of the damaged region is then filled using a filling of your choice. There are several fillings available our dentist will help you settle on one that matches suits your budget and preference and is durable
  • The filling is then polished to ensure that it does not get uncomfortable for you to chew or bite down as you normally would

The procedure and its duration may vary based on the filling being used, the position and location of the filling, and the extent of decay being repaired.

How Long Does the Numbing Effect Last After Filling?

One of the leading questions our dentist in 48446 gets from a patient who is about to get a dental filling is how long the numbing effects of the local anesthesia will last after the procedure. It is not surprising because most people would want to know what to expect after the procedure is through.

The numbing effect and its duration will vary from patient to patient, and it might not be an exact science. However, typically the numbing effect of the local anesthesia administered during a cavity-filling procedure should wear off within 1 to 3 hours.

While under the numbing effect, you might find it difficult to chew, bite, or in speaking properly. Not to worry, though; these effects should whether off in a few hours. This is why our dentist may recommend that you avoid eating or drinking anything until this numbing effect has dissipated.

You might accidentally bite your tongue or the inside of your cheeks if you eat during this window.

It is also quite easy to think of touching or probing the site while under this numbing effect. You should avoid doing so as this may introduce an infection making your recovery journey even more difficult.

Remember that you may experience some soreness over the next few days after the procedure. However, contact our dentist immediately for medical attention if you notice any signs such as persistent swelling, increasing severe pain, severe tooth sensitivity, fever, and swollen gums.

What Can You Do to Help this Numbing Effect Wear Off After the Procedure?

There are a few handy tips you can follow to help you fight off the numbness after getting a dental filling. However, because this effect is not meant to be permanent, you can wait for the effects to wear off on their own.

But in case you cannot stand the effect and need to help the process along, you can:

  • Gently wiggle your jaw from left to right, up and down
  • Gently massage your lips and cheeks to improve your circulation
  • Distract yourself- get your mind off by resting or listening to some music

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